Benefits of Derrick Law, PLLC

Our individual and business clients experience the Derrick Law difference.

Some of the benefits of hiring Derrick Law include:

  • Legal Know-How & Expertise
  • Smart Legal Defense & Solutions
  • Skilled Legal Counsel
  • Big Firm Experience
  • Preventative Transactional Counseling
  • Litigation Defense
  • Network of Attorneys
  • Judicial Clerkship Insight
  • Exceptional Value - Scalable Price.
  • Step Up Legal Defense.
  • Reduce Legal Spend
  • Competitive Fee Structures
  • Certified Woman & Minority-Owned Business
  • Business Focused.
  • Diverse Legal Counsel
  • Diverse Clientele
  • Businesses - Internal Corporate, Legal & HR Personnel & Departments
  • Individuals - Executives, Professionals, & Entrepreneurs
  • Diverse Industries
  • Medical Departments & Providers
  • Residential Builders
  • Construction
  • Tech
  • Real Estate
  • Auto Dealers
  • Financial & Accounting Firms
  • Multiple Texas Locations
  • Dallas
  • Houston

Ready to experience the benefits of our Smart Legal Defense & Solutions? Contact us today if you are ready to experience the Derrick Law difference.

News & Legal Alerts

Alia Adkins-Derrick Speaks at 2018 EmPower Dallas Entrepreneur’s Summit held at The DEC.

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Ms. Adkins-Derrick discussed effective contract drafting to help ensure business survival in the midst of legal conflict.

The High Cost of NDAs in the Age of #MeToo: What Every Employer Must Know About the New Tax Law.

Last year, the use of non-disclosure provisions and agreements (“NDA”) in the workplace came under fire since, according to proponents of the #MeToo movement, their unintended effect in the settlement of sexual harassment and abuse claims was to silence victims and enable serial harassers to strike again and again. In response, federal legislators included a

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Alia Adkins-Derrick Speaks at 2018 Greenhouse Lecture Series (Mar. 31, 2018)

Texas Extends Leave Rights to Foster Parents: Is Your Company in Compliance?

A notable leave law, that was enacted by Texas lawmakers in the 85th legislative session, extends leave to a category of parents who previously were not expressly covered —foster parents. Under the new law, which can be found at Section 21.0595 of the Texas Labor Code, Texas employers who have a leave policy that allows

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