Why Clients Hire Us.

Why Clients Hire Us.


Businesses.You worked hard to establish your business, now make sure it’s protected! Essential to the success, profits, & longevity of every business are two things: Smart Legal Defense & Solutions.

Our Smart Legal Defense enables business clients to defend their most valuable assets in court or arbitration while our Smart Legal Solutions enable them to take preventative measures to proactively cover those assets before disputes arise. We'll help you maximize business opportunities by working to minimize the legal risks hidden within them. Derrick Law attorneys are on your team, ready to provide both smart legal defense and solutions that help you protect and grow your business.


Smart Legal Defense & Solutions

At Derrick Law, we work hard to understand each client’s unique goals in order to give them the legal foresight, advice, training, representation, and peace of mind they need — and the exceptional value they deserve. We focus on helping our individual and small to mid-sized business clients protect their interests by effectively addressing their business and legal needs in the following areas:

If you have an issue that affects your bottom line or impacts your right to earn a living, Derrick Law has the solutions you need. Contact Us Today.


We offer traditional hourly billing at competitive rates as well as alternative fee arrangements, including down-to-the-penny flat fee pricing for some of our services, to help clients better manage their expenses and company budgets. Contact Us for Exceptional Value.